Thursday, October 13, 2011

this day over the fence

we are having a pretty day today . yesterday brought a down pour and hail.
I got my bills paid after two trips trying to do so.
Janet is still sick. I wish she would get better.
Sammy is working on his old truck trying to get it back together.
We have two stray dogs in the yard. Just what we needed.
I found another chick when I went to get eggs. that makes 6 or 7 ,i forgot which in the brooder in the House.
I guess I have lost another guinea. I see only 0ne hen and 3 roosters in the yard the last few days so I guess I have lost all the guinea hens except one.

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Sister--Three said...

Over the fence you find lots to keep you entertained! I am ready for weekend. Had my tail kicked most of the week and I am about tired of it.