Saturday, October 15, 2011


When driving around Harrison Arkansas be aware there is a unmarked car with a flashing blue light pulling cars over. This fellow is not a cop but a want to be. so you better not stop for any unmarked cars with flashing blue lights. there have been two incidents of this happening and both times it was women who were pulled over.

Janet is feeling better. I hope this is the trend for some time to come.

I see Obama is collecting big money in his campaign chest. I suppose this will be another big money year for the candidates.
I see that Hillary was ask about vice president job and she said no. I wonder if Joe Biden is not going be on the ticket?

The repubs have a black man named Cain asking for the nod from his party.
This strikes me as funny, the repubs have a Mormon running and the Mormons believed that the negro race are the descendants of Cain . Adams and Eve's son who slew his brother and God put a mark on him so everyone would know he had killed his brother. So the Mormons believed that the black skin was the curse of Cain. I can just see the campaign posters. Vote for Romney not that son of Cain, Obama!
As long as we are talking about the Mormons, they also believe that there is a special under garment that people can ware that will prevent rape, show us your skives Mitt could be another slogan.
Mitt Romney is the riches man going for the gold at this time and the campaign money is pouring into his coffers.
I don't think Mitt Romney will be the candidate on the repub ticket because the tea party and the religious right would never let it happen.
How about those wall street, street people? The repubs are saying they should be arrested and some of the Democrats seem to think this is the thing to do.

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Hagar's grandsons battling it out for the seat?