Wednesday, November 09, 2011

the duggars are at it again

If Betty at Harrison hasn't been asleep I know what her post will say....It will be an even 20 for Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, who announced Tuesday that they're expecting their 20th child. The Duggars, stars of their own TLC show, are a source of fascination for some people, since super-sized families aren't the norm the way they were about a century ago.

Betty looks on this family with disapproval, me I guess I really don't care either way but I still think the mother will die in child birth if they don't call a halt to this madness.

There were 8 of us and I must say my brothers and sisters are the best gift my father and mother gave me. Sometime in a weak moment I think I wish I had more children and then I remember how hard it was to feed and care for the four I had and think are you crazy?


Anonymous said...

I think they must be taking fertility drugs to keep this up. What will one NOT do for money. I feel it is all for making a dollar. The world is a dreadful place.

The best thing in my life are my two girls. Larry sure did a good job raising them.

Betty said...

The only reason I disapprove of the Duggars is I just don't see how those kids can possibly get the individual parental attention that all kids need. They're more like an emerging nation than a family. lol

Judy said...

I think they are insane and the children are always the ones to suffer in these situations. The same thing with polygamy. That guy on sister wives and those women are idiots. That Dugger women is nothing but a baby machine. The last one they had was in the hospital for a long time. The kids are going to start having something wrong with them. Probably God's way of trying to tell the fools something but they are too ignorant to stop. Sorry Patsy, I just happened to drop in and I just think it is disgusting. I hope you are doing well. Wanted to say "hi". Love and hugs.