Thursday, November 03, 2011

short 46 years

I been thinking about Janet all evening going back over her life and remembering. I wish it had been me who died instead of her. When I came home from the hospital with her she was in her bassinet and a neighbor had come over to see the new baby girl. We looked at her in her crib and she was as black as she could be. I grabbed her and ran into the yard screaming. My neighbor came from his yard and said give her to me. He took her by her heals and hung her by her feet and jerked her and she began to cry soon she was pink again. We went to the hospital by ambulance that day but the doctors said they couldn't find any thing wrong. When I think of that morning I guess I was blessed that I had her for 46 years but they were a very short 46 years.


Winnie said...

I'm glad you have these warm memories...Janet was such a blessing. Know that you are always in my prayers and I love you so much :)

Anonymous said...

I always think of the Bible verse--looking through a glass darkly. We can not understand the plan God has; we just say, "his will be done."

Lori said...

The time we have with our most loved ones is never long enough, is it?