Thursday, November 03, 2011

Pat Boone

Donna on just me has mentioned two famous people she has rubbed elbows with one of which was the singer Pat Boone, this got me to thinking and I remembered that Pat who was raised in the church of Christ in Tenn. had trouble with that church and holding meeting in his back yard and baptising people in his swimming pool. This as I remember was especially distasteful to the church in which he was raised.
I seem to remember that the church had kicked him out but found one article that stated that Boone was thinking about taking him self off the Church's rolls.
Boone believes "we don't all have our doctrine all completely correct but God doesn't judge us on our understanding of doctrine. He judges our heart, our intent, our purpose, our love and how we treat other people."

For the past three decades, Boone has been a member of the Church on the Way in Van Nuys, a Foursquare Gospel congregation led by pastor Jack Hayford. The Pentecostal church is home to numerous celebrities.

(8/17/01). Guests on King’s popular show were: Pat Boone; his daughter Lindy; Max Lucado, minister and well-known author from San Antonio; Dave Owen, a “pastor” from Malibu; and Ken Copeland, a “faith healer” who hails from Fort Worth.

The distressing story was this. Back in June, Pat Boone’s grandson, twenty-four-year-old Ryan, fell from the top of a three-story building and was critically injured. Even now, two months later, he is still in a coma. Understandably, the family is frantic with pain and fear and have sought faith healing preachers.
Shirley, the daughter of country music great Red Foley and his wife, singer Judy Martin, "We are now into our tenth year since the accident after which the doctors told us that Ryan wouldn't live and if he did, he'd be a 'vegetable', but I am glad to report that he's far from that.

What I found seemed to confirm that Boone is still firm in his faith after 77 years walking the path of a Hollywood cerleberty, which is a testmony as to how strong Pat's faith must be.
As a foot note I found this..
President Barack Obama may have released his birth certificate this spring to debunk rumors that he was born outside the United States, but old school crooner Pat Boone maintains that our nation’s leader originated in Africa and has shown the world “a photo-shopped fraud.”

Boone gave the interview after he introduced Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann at California’s GOP Convention.

Boone, once a wholesome singer who produced several hits in the 1950s, is now a proud member of the Beverly Hills Tea Party. He has had a history of taking controversial stands, including calling the theory of evoluton “nonsensical” and comparing gay rights protests to the Mumbai terror attacks.
Just a little History on Pat Boone.

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Donna said...

My mom was disappointed that Pat became a "Holy Roller" in later years (but then, so did her daughter... me). These days I don't really feel myself associated with any particular denomination or church. I knew all the story you tell here, except I don't keep up with his political leanings.