Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I still have roses blooming in my yard.
It is cool and damp this morning, maybe we will see the sun.
I found hungry chickens just now when I went out. Sammy
doesn't feed enough in my opinion. I got 6 eggs since I failed to gather them yesterday.
Fleta said she would be home until Monday, poor ole George. she said he liked for her to be home because she found things for him to do and he didn't get bored.
I said I bet George was like I was when I worked at Tyson in the supply room and people would ask don't you get bored?. I always replied there are lots of things worse than being bored.
I am going to make some pumpkin pies today and a pan of corn bread for dressing tomorrow. I think it will just be me and Sammy so I am not going to do much in the way of cooking.
Helen called and the trip to California is off as of now. She said she remembered some thing to be thankful for , over the holidays Mike took all of his vacation time and holidays which was a lot of days. Thanksgiving Helen will be thankful that she doesn't have to see or hear him.
Someone has been sending Helen notices of places looking for work , jobs that require little skill and pay less. She said she thinks it is Mike's new girl friend hoping that Helen will find a job and Mike wont have to pay alimony.
so sad too bad new women , mike agreed to better or worse and this is the worse and Helen won't be able to work for the reminder of her life. I think mike told new women they could get married if old wife went to work. Honey I doubt if Mike wants to get married again after all those years with sister he knows no woman can measure up to sister's record.
Have a good vacation, Mike.
Helen has some prospects of a man. This fellow that lives in the building where she lives tracked her down wanting to know where she got her scooter. He said they could take a ride over there and see if he could buy a scooter then we could ride together he said. This fellow currently rides a bike, a one of those that you have to supply the power your self. Helen told him she was real busy and could not remember the name of the place where she bought the machine.
Sister Betty said I had to post every day, Helen and all I know is what you tell me.


The 4th Sister said...

well no other woman will be married to him for 39 flippin years for sure...LOL

oh my life is peaceful...and I am thankful for every day I feel good..

Sister--Three said...

I am thankful for my family. Patsy, did not like the pain pills...would wake up and be awake for 2 hours in the night...well, that was my body saying 'go get another pill'. I did not take the pill last night and slept much better. The Naproxen does help my knee so I am still taking it.