Wednesday, December 14, 2011

christmas gifts

It is raining here , thunder and lighting over sisters way just rain here.
I have had a good day. Nurse comes again tomorrow. they are coming by twice a week. I will be glad when they go back to 0nce a week.

Helen called, her daughter sent Christmas gifts for Helen to spread around. Included was gift for x's new woman. Helen said she didn't mind but I thought what a daughter. Too cheap to spend postage for new woman but expected her mother to spread the cheer for her.
Sister took x's and girl Friend's gifts to Billy to deliver knowing Billy the gifts may never be delivered! I think I would have called her and told her I had her gift and could I bring it by.
You might have a nice chat about Mike.
Tony is going south Friday to see the grand baby.
I baked a couple Mrs. smith's pies today. Mrs. smiths is pre baked now and only requires a 30 minute cooking in oven. I was talking to Helen and forgot . They baked for 1 hour but looked ok. I guess the proof is in the puddin or in the pie.

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Sister--Three said...

Those pies are good. Yours will be done.

I only do Christmas for the grand kids.

I rained a lot here last night.