Wednesday, December 21, 2011


while digging around my room yesterday looking for something that I have forgot what it was that I was searching for I came across a elect Hillary bumper sticker Winnie Jo sent me when we were young and innocent. for a moment all the hope came rushing back and then I realized the glass ceiling may have been cracked but it will not be busted by Hillary.

When I see photos of Hillary these days I always notice how tired she looks. Obama has literally ran her to the ground so If I was choosing for her I would retire to NY and live in the fine house Hilliary built.

What brought this post to head was I saw in the news where some people were reviving the rotocalls for Hillary for president, some where out in the wild blue yonder.

Even tho' she failed to be president, I can take comfort, cross your fingers, Palin also failed in that endeavor .

so I say go home Hillary and let the man child rule over this mess.

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Sister--Three said...

I thought a while back that she looks too tired to even want to be in politics anymore.