Friday, December 09, 2011

I see a new computer

I made it out to feed the chickens again. I feel rater well, if I had stayed another day with St. Johns I might have felt so good I could go back to work at Tyson.

I tried to load my photos this morning and had trouble with this computer. I can forecast the future Fleta has a trip to make to wal-marts soon. I am going to cull this computer and have fleta come and haul me to wal-marts and pick me a new one. Maybe a nook also so Fleta get ready as soon as the holidays are over you have to take me to town.

Maybe a new camera. I could let kel have this one since it would really be a great computer for him considering what he has at his house. His wife told me the other day , Kelly never turns his computer on any more! I told her if I was stuck with his computer I wouldn't turn it on either.


Sister--Three said...

Sister, treat yourself to what you want! And I bet you can get your virus checker through windstream. I have mine with centurytel and it works.

Have a good day. Helen asked about what the Dr. said about my knee...well, I only went to the emr.
What can he tell me...your knees are worn out. How about surgery? I don't want it.

I am trying to do my own exercises I found on the internet. I do want to go to the Dr. but have to call and see how to do it.

The 4th Sister said...

Go for it pat.....

Linda@VS said...

So glad you're feeling better. I think you should go for the new equipment, too. You do know that if you had the technology to match your wit and your wisdom, you could be dangerous. :)