Friday, December 09, 2011

pick of the litter

I have a brother born July13 , 1961 and in case some don't know I was born in 1938, my brother's name is Gilbert.

While I was in hospital one son came by for a visit and told me Gilbert had been by and said he was asking about you, he seemed concerned son said.

I said of course he was concerned he was raised by good people!

I have 2 children older than Gilbert.

When my children were young we would go to visit mama and daddy and my children delighted in calling Gilbert, Uncle Gilbert. Even tho' very young they could see the humor in the term Uncle when applied to my brother.

In the days gone by Gilbert would run and play with my children while we were there. I recall one time they killed daddy's rooster. I think they drown him. I learned about this many years later.

To cover their crime the children were looking for a place to hide the rooster so daddy wouldn't learn of their dastardly deed.

daddy still milked a cow in those days and the children took the rooster and hung him in the eves of daddy's milk born. any one who has ever milked a cow will know that while a person milks there is nothing to do except squeeze the tit and let your eyes roam , naturally you will look up and therefore that evening while milking daddy found a wet dead rooster in the eves of his barn.

Gilbert lacked the skills that my sibling's had in covering up their sins. Richard and me would never have hide the rooster in such a place. We learned to milk early on and would have realized that the rooster was in plain view of someone who was milking and letting their eyes roam. I doubt if Gilbert ever milked a cow.

Gilbert could have reaped benefits from the knowledge of his older brother and sisters while growing up but he had mama and daddy which was the most important thing.


The 4th Sister said...

Well he had me but I could never teach him a he never learned to milk a cow and never carried water.... he really thought, when he was young, that your boys and he were brothers...look he still has a closer relationship with them than any of us....
On the other and, I never thought of Kell-Ton as anything but little kids, ot the I see them and they are old men almost my age... since mentally when I think of them I still consider them boys it should make me feel much younger..but it just does not seem to work that way...

Sister--Three said...

I guess they hid the rooster in plain sight. Gilbert and I are the distance apart in age that you and I are...over a decade.