Thursday, December 22, 2011


4 eggs this morning I went to feed after SAM and didn't approve of his job. I was remained when he was a Young boy I sent him to feed our calf and later followed along behind and found he had dumped the feed over the fence onto the ground. That wasn't the problem this morning, I think the chickens should receive corn and pellets and SAM only gave them corn.
I don't understand why he is in such a hurry. I like to watch them eat.
truth is Sammy's thinks of them as dollars and I think of them as living being that depend on me for their life.
I heard a women on tradio has pigs for sale but didn't say how old or what kind, said just call and leave her a message. I have found most of the people who call in things for sale are usually not available when you call their number. I don't call them but Sammy does and has yet to get a person to answer their phone.
That is how we got stuck with this Chihuahua dog. they can't sell dogs on tradio but a woman called and said she had a Chihuahua dog to give away. Sammy had Janet call right away and she said she had already gave dog away but by the way she had the puppies for sale.
sure they bought the puppies and I saw how people were getting around selling dogs on tradio.
I think I will call and give them Betty's number for dog give away.She usually has pups for sale. She might sell lots of dogs after she tells them she gave sister throw away dog.
The weather is damp put not unpleasant.
I like dogs out side and ours spend a lot of time out side now since my daughter has died. She would always let them in right away but now some times they are out for 3 or 4 hours before the door is open,. as soon as soon as the door is open the neurotic dog, Foxy burst into the open door and the chihuahua is right behind her.
nurse is coming, I will be glad to see her I have been out of 4 by4's since Sunday. a 4by4 is a gauze bandage material that is the only think i have found that will catch this drainage well. When I don't have them the next best things are the baby paper diapers and I keep them on hand to use when I am out of 4by4's

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Sister--Three said...

The picture looked like one of Janet's. I would rather the dogs stay outside too.

The sun finally came out here. It is in the 60s.