Friday, December 23, 2011

two days before christmas

two days and Christmas will be here.
Fleta has ALL of her grand children and her two sons under her roof for a few days.
When she went to get the little ones she gave their mother the photos she had made of the red hair angles in a nice frame.
The children saw the contents cause their mother opened the gift on the spot according to Fleta instructions.
One the way back to grandma's house Robert was strangely silent and Fleta knew something was wrong after coaching him for a while he said he didn't want a picture of sissy for Christmas. he declared he wanted trucks. Big surprise. The children gifts are under the tree wrapped and waiting for Christmas morning but grandma said she would have to let them open their gifts this morning because Robert was not happy.
When I called Fleta last night I could hear the red haired girl's voice above all others. excitement was in the air. Today they are putting in Fleta's countor tops and she is staying home . I suppose that means the only one of us working today is Clayton.
I got up during the night and turned off the floor heater it was Hot in here.
the rooster is crowing.


Donna said...

22 degrees here, but looks like nice weather ahead. Typical temperatures for this time of year, but there's no bad weather in the 10 day forecast, just sunny skies.

Sister--Three said...

Last winter was so cold that I hope this one is better.

I am glad Robert did not have to get a picture of his sister for Christmas.

Can't wait to see Fleta's countertops.

Cold here, but not too bad. I am making banana bread. I went to Walmart early and when I look at my receipt after putting all the stuff in the truck...I noticed they charged me for one thing twice. Back in I had to go to get my $3.00 back. I hated to do it but all you Sisters know I am a tightwad. I got my money and an 'i am sorry' but I still felt bad anyway....all the trouble. I went at 7 this morning and knew that was before the rush. Well, lots think like me as the rush was on. Parking lot was already half full.

Christmas is nearly here. Laura is cooking for us. I trained my girls well. Erin does Thanksgiving and Laura Christmas. We only get for the kids...Christmas is ridiculous for some families I think.