Sunday, January 22, 2012

4 new hens

Sammy came home with 4 red sex links hens last evening. He said there were a whole pen full of white leghorns and he would have bought them if he had the money. Thank goodness he didn't have the money.
He is fast getting to many heavy hens. he sold all his extra roosters yesterday. The smaller roosters bought 1.50 each and the two heavy rooster brought 3 dollars each. I think he has 18 heavy hen in the one pen and the other has at least 12 heavy hens plus the silkies.
It is cool here this morning with a brisk wind blowing. I managed to get back on Janet's face book last night to see what was going on, I hadn't been able to get on her sight because they wanted a pass word but yesterday I got them to send me a new pass word so now I find Helen has been posting on face book since her blog has grown silent.
Sammy went down and raided Tony's turnip patch. He sold 5 wal-mart bags of turnips for 3.50 a bag. He was disappointed, he was expecting them to bring more money. I though he got a good price. He had a 5 gallon bucket full and divided them into 5 grocery bags that came to 17.50 for 5 gallon of turnips.


Donna said...

I'd say he did pretty good.

Sister--Three said...

Sammy did good. I am glad you can facebook again. Larry does that and he and Helen are 'friends'. I can see Janet's because she and Erin were friends...when you connect to one friend they you can connect to all their friends.

I don't have a facebook acct. Larry and I would have to sign out and in and you know how lazy I am...

Lucy said...

I love the farm talk. I was born and raised on a farm. I never ever learned how to like turnips which was unusual.Being a poor farm family we ate what we had. I must have gotten full on potatoes.