Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today is grandma Powell's birthday. It is rather fitting that Betty found a photo of her house the day before. Betty ask me who built the house and of course I couldn't remember.
I do remember how proud she was to own the house and to be able to earn her own money.
Grandma always made her own lye soap and never used anything else for bathing or washing clothes and dishes. She was a thrifty person.
She was born January the 18th, 1891. She told me when she was young they had wolves and bears around where she grew up.
She like to talk and was a great story teller.
She kept chickens, white leghorns was the breed and she sold eggs .
When I was at their house on Saturday it meant a trip to town to sell eggs and buy groceries. They never bought anything extra and as for me I didn't get so much as a candy bar from them but I didn't expect any thing either.

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Sister--Three said...

At first, I just liked the picture because it was 1910 Green Forest and then I noticed it was North Springfield St.