Sunday, January 01, 2012

happy new year

The new year has arrived with out much hurrah around here. Some of the Spanish speaking people have in the years past set off fire works like we do on the 4th of July but last night all was quite. Either they have moved or they didn't have anything to celebrate.

I have gone to feed the chickens and found the weather rather pleasant for the 1st of January but I am sure that will change soon.

I may have got a silkie egg this morning. I found a nest on the ground in the hen house and since the silkies can't fly to the nest I thought it migh be one of the silkies laying but of course most chickens like to make their nest on the ground in the hay so I am not sure if it is the long awaited silkie egg or not.


Sister--Three said...

We heard fire crackers last night. Larry thought it was a shot gun...went outside and listened and came back saying it was stupid people lighting firecrackers.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me you are going to be right about the weather changing soon enough to reflect the season...Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!