Friday, January 20, 2012


Helen do you know any of these people?
I didn't go out again this morning it is cool and damp but I Think the forcast is for warmer weather soon.
I must tell on Helen , she is going to Washington soon and she told me that she was going to leave a key with a neighbor so someone would water her plants.
I told her not to do this but as usual she disobeyed me and went ahead and gave the key to a neighbor. The next day she was setting and just resting and suddenly the door opened and the neighbor walked in when she saw Helen she said Oh, you are home, Helen said yes. The lady left and a hour or so later the door opened again and the lady called are you here Helen?
I told sister, I told you not to do that and sister said but you are a long way off and you didn't stop me.
Helen has retrieved her key but the key may have had young, who knows?
For those who don't know Helen lives in a low income apartment and doesn't know anyone well least of all the lady she gave her key too.


Anonymous said...

Front row, far right, looks like it must be Daddy. I see someone who looks like Truman.

The 4th Sister said...

Pat is confused I would never do that