Monday, January 30, 2012

learning about goats

This is what the Aday farm will be like in 5 years. note all the trees are gone and the pen has had an increase in goats.
I had a good time reading about goats and all the different kinds since Fleta has gone into the goat business.
I thought the pygmy goat was just a pet goat but I found people are cross breeding them with the Boer goats which are noted for their muscle build and used for meat.
So why you might ask as I did why are they crossing this big heavy goat with these little goats?
It seems some people decided since people didn't eat the leg of goat they needn't be so long.
Another point in favor of the cross is the pygmy goat is that the small goat comes into season or heat 3 times a year instead of the bigger goats once a year this would be a plus in producing young.
The Boer goat is usually white with a brown or black head and neck after I read that I realized one of Fleta's pygmy goats was a cross with the Boer goat since one had the white body and dark head.
Do you suppose Hannah will agree to butchering the pygmy goat? I don't think so.
Clayton called and ask if I had more goats here. He said he saw Kelly go down with the trailer and thought I guess Kelly is bringing his horses back. Later he went out side and saw a goat trimming his rose bush. He called Fleta and learned there were 5 rose bush trimmers in his further.
today I am going to see the doctor.
Helen called and ask has Fleta's got goats? She said I can never tell if something is a joke or not on your blog. I said Fleta has the same problem!


Donna said...

There's nothing cuter than baby goats. There's no bigger nuisance than a grown goat. They will eat your bushes and trees, they are like Houdini at escaping their pens, they will gladly climb up on your new car and put hoofprints in the top of it. If I wanted Cliff to divorce me, all I would have to do is bring home a goat.

Donna said...

Oh, and the bucks are the nastiest creatures the Lord ever created. They stick their funny-looking penis out 2 feet long and pee on their heads, which makes them stink to high heaven. Feel free to delete this comment if you don't want that word in your comment section. I don't think it would bother you, but it might bother somebody else.

Donna said...

And one final thing: I didn't unfriend Janet Poor, but I had never "friended" Barbara Poor. I knew you used Janet's account. So now you are my friend two times under two names!

Sister--Three said...

I remember how the Billy Goats smelled and now after reading what Donna said...I know why!