Sunday, January 08, 2012

new chickens

Sammy bought 9 new hens yesterday, he gave an awful price for them, he gave 8.50 each. On the brighter side he got 6 young pullets just ready to lay. He got a mature red hen and the black and white hen was older also.
He had some of my money so he said these were mine. I am not going to give him the rest of the price but will maintain these are mine so he can't sell them.
The red hens were Rhode Island red hens full blood I think. I guess the black and white one is a Dominick hen.
Sam is up early and has put a pork roast in the oven.
looks and feels like rain here.
My computer is working as it should ever since Sam pulled that plug you told him too, Fleta.


Sister--Three said...

what plug did he pull!

The 4th Sister said...

He will need a bigger pen...