Thursday, January 05, 2012

north side of a tree at south pole

north side of tree at the south pole?
Helen as to the story daddy knew about the man who died? I remember just was too nice to mention it BUUUT it involved sex, a barn and one of our relatives and the dead man's wife.

now that story didn't indict the dead man but dad thought he should have looked after his wife better!

it is supposed to be a fair day today. sun is out and any day I see the sun I considered that a nice day.

today is nurse day.

Fleta is going to walmart Saturday to get me a desk top computer, a printer and a lap top computer. Surly they will last as long as I do. I told Fleta I wanted both so the sons could have a argument about who got what when I kick the bucket.

You remember kel bought some pigs? well Sammy made a deal that I would buy the feed and we would get one of the hogs when it was butchered. Kel didn't say a word about this but I usually find things out, the pigs are over at Gilbert's, he is feeding them and maybe buying feed too for all I know, Tony told me. I may have to get Gilbert's phone number and ask a few questions. come to think of it Gilbert may have bought the hogs.

Today is a good day for George, Fleta went back to work. light the candles George and kick back in the easy chair.


The 4th Sister said...

Poor gilbert...I'll bet the Poor boys claim the hogs after the slaughter bill is paid....LOL

Raised pig meat is so good. It is as different from store bought pork as home grown eggs compaired to store eggs...

I am surprised Clayton has not been buy to pick up some eggs. You know he hated the store , pale yellow yoked ones.

Oh yes and Patsy, your explaination of the dead person just confused me more. Guess I will have to call you.

Fleta said...

Stupid google does not want me to post this. Here it is for the third time. Can't miss a chance to tell you that you are wrong.

No trees or any green stuff including moss at the poles of the earth.

However, I do not know pigs about the dead people so cannot comment on that at this time.

Google is stupid today.

Mo said...

You and your sisters do NOT have to pay Picasa. My Russian friend told me how to get around it: Make up another gmail account, then give yourself (at the new gmail address) permission to post in your blog and edit it, and then use that account for pictures. I'll admit it took me about an hour to get everything it all set up, but hey... I am saving $5 a year.