Wednesday, January 11, 2012

rain on tree branches

I went to make a cup of coffee this morning and while looking out the kitchen window I thought I saw ice on the trees after a closer look I decided it was just rain on the limbs and the sun was shining on the water.
Sammy has gone to town to get SS check, I don't go any longer on pay day. It was always a big day for me and Janet we would go to walmart and load two carts full and then come home with the truck loaded down but alas no more.
She would put all sorts of things she wanted in her cart and I would pay nothing delighted me more than to buy things she wanted. never again but I am sure she doesn't want for anything and walks on streets of gold.

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Sister--Three said...

You were always so good to her. I would have whipped when she used to mess up your computer downloading. She love to shop...I recall kelly saying that.