Saturday, January 21, 2012

the Repub president

I am certainly not the one to pick the repub candidate for president but it seems it will be Romney or Newt. To me Romney when confronted by anyone who holds different views than he does seems to lose his cool, Has anyone else noticed that?
I can state if Romney moves into the white house there will be no beer or wine served. Do you know the LDS people don't even drink coffee? How in the world can anyone expect someone to lead the free world with out a morning cup of coffee.
You might not believe what I say about the Mormons but once a time long ago I was actively sought out to convert to the Mormon belief. One day a week the LDS members fast so if this Mormon gets to the white house don't expect to drop in for a meal with out calling ahead.
Another thing not many people seem to know the woman is the driving force in the Mormons household, not the husband so perhaps we need to look at Mrs Romney to see what a Romney presidency will be like.
There wont be any GAYS near a Romney white house. They definitely will be sent to the back of the bus.
Newt on the other hand will have a party in the white house , the wine will flow and the women will be welcome.


Sister--Three said...

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

Erin said...

They dint drink anything excessively hot or cold. My Mormon coworker says it causes chaos in the body. Check out that site patsy.

Donna said...

"How in the world can anyone expect someone to lead the free world with out a morning cup of coffee."
That made me laugh out loud. Amen sister, amen.

Donna said...

I linked to this on Facebook. I wanted to share the funny thought.

Lucy said...

I just had to stop on and say hi. Saw your comment about the coffee on the link Donna left and I could not agree more.We have a little in common. I started blogging about about when I was 69 and I am now 82. Loved all the comments about Romney and agree he gets upset if people don't agree with him.