Thursday, January 26, 2012


I made it out to feed this morning since the rain has moved on, Sammy feed yesterday and he never feeds enough in my opinion so I found hungry birds.
The sun is hiding but it isn't raining , GOOD!
today is nurse day.
Sammy went to town to buy dish soap yesterday and as you might expect the creek was up.


Anonymous said...

Larry is wanting a big 'chicken yard' fenced in and he said at night I could put them in the smaller pen. He is also wants new and more chickens. I guess you site is rubbing off on him.

Lucy said...

Patsy, I do enjoy having you read my blog. Love the picture of the chickens. Takes me back. My dad used to get a place all set up for our baby chicks with a stove to keep the little brooding house warm. He would sit out there smoking his pipe to keep them from huddling up and smothering. I was the baby of 10 kids and those memories are still fresh in my mind.