Tuesday, January 31, 2012

turn the lock?

Cloudy this morning with slight wind. Promise of 61 degrees today but I think this may be a false forecast.
Sammy has a new toy, he bought a trailer about 1/2 built and he is trying to build it now.so far $180 and climbing is the cost.
got away from the doctor with out to much damage.
The woman at the desk is Beverly Norris ' daughter in law, she had told me she was from South America, Argentina I think.
She ask me to bring in my 1099 form from social security to determine what I would pay above my medicare payment.
I had received it in the mail last week so I did as I was instructed and gave her the form which shows how much social security I was paid last year.
She took it and look and ask " where is this years, this is for 2011?
I laughed at her and told her I can tell you are not native to this country, I wont get 2012 until January , 1213.
I explained that you couldn't report how much Income I would get for 2012 until the end of 2012 because perhaps I would die before the year was out!
perhaps she didn't believe me and I can just see her checking to see why no one is bring in the 2012 1099 form.

The good new was after medicare payment , I didn't have to pay any more for seeing the doctor. Think I will start going ever week.
Fleta has captured her stray goat and they are all in the pen. She says Henry is mean and she wants to get rid of her. Henry has been butting the Pygmy goats.


The 4th Sister said...

give henry to clayton

Sister--Three said...

HENRY and Fleta have a lot in common...butting...in.

Glad you can afford to see the Dr.