Saturday, February 11, 2012

birth control

As I see it, it is the same old story. Puffed up men , namely Rick Santorum, the bishop of the Catholic Church and other big shot know it all men who want control of all women and their bodies have came out against birth control.
Honestly those of us who remember the 60's and the time when birth control become available to the general population and then learning the methods had been around and available to the well to do in our country for years, can remember how cheated we all felt not only for our selves but for our mothers as well.
Rick Santorum not only wants to take away our opportunity for birth control he wants to force a woman who has been ravaged by some monster to make that woman bear the child against her wishes. Surely if this man gets on the ballot in November no women will cast a vote for him even his wife and daughter should vote against him.
This man and his smirking face makes me sick.

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