Friday, February 17, 2012


It is nice and warm out even if the sun isn't shinning so I went out and fed the chickens.
I got 6 eggs, I suppose Sammy went too early yesterday and all had not laid their eggs.
I was able to set in the chair and stay out for some time. I enjoy watching the chickens. There are 7 Rhode Island red hens in here and 8 silkies. I try to pick out the silky rooster which is hard to do but I think I have 2 rooster in the silky. I want to keep 2 silky hen just to see how they behave which means I will have to be out there when they catch them or I might end up with 2 silky roosters.
Sammy sold the yellow hens he had in this pen, they were yellow and had a top not. He left one of his hens and got 2 of the silky. he just can't seem to tell the difference. Hopefully he might have sold silky roosters. He says no one at the sale can tell the silky roosters from the silky hens. I can tell now after studying them for months but it is hard to tell the difference.


Sister--Three said...

With Sammy, you don't need to get too attached to any of your chickens! teehee

Sister--Three said...

Clayton says
don't throw your food
don't throw your food
don't throw your food
you will be in big trouble
and you will go to time out.

Erin says Greta just throws all her food in the floor and laughs about it.