Tuesday, February 07, 2012

company is comming

We had some excitement tonight. I let the dog out to go and there was a car going by what appeared to be a cop car. He was going slow and as I come in I told SAM I thought the cops were out there. sure enough here he pulled into the yard. SAM went out to speak to him. Our neighbor came over and told us that someone had been in his trailer and had went out the back door.
he had told SAM yesterday that he had seen people prowling around in our yard at night of late. I was suspicious of this story.
the cop ask Sammy how well he knew those people ???
After the law left the neighbor called and said he thought there were devil worshipers in our yard!! I told Sammy that I think that is just over the rainbow and to forget the whole thing.
I am up and down all night and our dogs bark and make a terrible racket every time anyone is around and I think they would bark at devil worshippers and anyone else that show up in our yard.


Anonymous said...
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Donna said...

That first comment is a peculiar one. I think maybe the devil worshipers have invaded your blog and left a comment!

Linda@VS said...

Comments like that first one are usually spam that is designed to get people to click on virus infested sites. Can't say for sure that's what it is (Donna may be right, lol) but I'd delete it if I were you.

As for the devil worshipers, if you catch them in the act, please take photos for your blog--before and after you tell them what they can do and where they can go. It would sure make an interesting post.

The 4th Sister said...

yeah pat stay up and take pictures

Sister--Three said...

The wickets are near, near, near.