Wednesday, February 08, 2012

cooking stoves

Betty in Harrison has a new stove which she said reminded her of stoves made in the 40's this got me to thinking about stoves and I did a google image search to see what i could find.
I was amazed to find that Hillary Clinton who has never been much of a home body was seeing that poor women in Africa got new stoves.
All around the world, women will cook meals for their families today, and as a result, in certain parts of the world, one of them will die every 16 seconds.That statistic is one of the reasons Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had planned a stop in Ethiopia on her current trip through Africa, to highlight an initiative she strongly supports: bringing cleaner cook stove technology to many parts of the developing world.
Betty don't get to thinking Hillary is buying a stove like your new stove her's are the little pot you see with the twig fire. so count your blessing, Betty.


Anonymous said...

But by the grace of God, I could be there!

Betty said...

At lease a little pot like that wouldn't stick up like a sore thumb.