Monday, February 13, 2012


People who I visit every day have been posting about their dogs that have died of late.
Margie in Kansas had a Shar-Pei and I couldn't see where she had posted a photo so I had to hunt one of the net.
Velvet in Louisiana had this dog that was blind and she finally had the vet put him to sleep.
The little dog in the basket belongs to a ruff tuff fellow up Kansas city way and he was absolutely broken hearted over this cute little guy dieing.
The point I am making is how people are so close to their dogs, man's best friend.


Sister--Three said...

Dogs will love you even if you kick them...they are truly man's best friend.

Linda@VS said...

Sister-Three is right. That's what makes them so special. They're wonderful company, and they're also good protection, as that chihuahua of yours tried to tell you yesterday. :)