Thursday, February 02, 2012


I read a forum named homestead, it is in my links called country folk. I usual read about chickens even tho' I think most of these people who write on the forum are citified and they make me laugh. I enjoy the pictures they post of their chickens and the stories about their lives.
Since Fleta has goats I have been reading the forum on Homestead about goats. I can tell you goat people are crazier than chicken people and they entrain me mightily.
This person has a goat named FLETA, this is her photo and her kid goats.I can't believe the only other being I have heard of named Fleta besides my sister and aunt is a goat!
The goat forum is providing me with lots of laughs!
Some people who post on these forum recognizable to me and I have formed opinions about these unknown.
One fellow who post often calls himself rockpile, now my opinion of rockpile is he is a loud mouth bully. yesterday he posted that he was ordered out of walmart. seems he was telling the manager how stupid the manager was and he took offence and told him to leave and not darken the door again.
I have heard if you are caught shop lifting walmart will bar you from the store but never heard of being bared for being a loud mouth. My opinion of rockpile has been confirmed.LOL
I live my life with people I will never meet, Thank god, that are so recognizable to me I talk to them and sometimes they answer me. Now I know a goat named Fleta!


Sister--Three said...

Glad she is a nanny and not a stinky Billy.

The 4th Sister said...

They probably have a lot in common

Linda@VS said...

This post and Sister-Three's comment made me laugh. My second (and last) husband and I used to find a lot of glee in the fact that his first wife's name was Nanny and my first husband's name was Billy.

Fleta said...

You just made that all up.