Sunday, February 05, 2012


There is a a woman who is claiming in her book she had sex with JFK while she was an intern in the white house and was sexual active with him for 18 months. Last week I read a book where a woman claiming she had an affair with Bill Clinton before he was governor.
Why would people bring out their dirty laundry to sell a book is beyond me. The Bill Clinton lady was safe cause no way would Bill deny the story and the JFK lady was safe cause JFK was dead.
The JFK lady uses David Powers as her back up but he is dead also.
I really think that a man will do about anything of a sexual nature if given the chance so I don't doubt that these men could have done what the ladies claim but why would a women tell such a story for money? gross !

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Donna said...

Because people will buy more books. Most people love gossip and want to know all about it.
There's a certain type of woman who will always go after men in a high position like rock stars, preachers, politicians, or the boss at work. And if men are confronted with temptation time after time, most of them will end up in bed with somebody. Will power can only go so far.