Wednesday, February 01, 2012

ground hog day? no!

For a moment I couldn't remember if this was ground hog day or not then ask google and now I see clearly February 2 is the day ground hog decides if we have 6 more weeks of winter or this year you might say decides if we have winter.
never the less this is the day we see January gone for another year.
Romney won the repub primary in Florida and some think that that will be the end for Gingrich!
Romney and his sons are all wearing jeans in comparison with Gingrich and his suits. It occurred to me Romney is trying to convince everyone he is a common man and he read that common men wear jeans. everyone knows Gingrich is common so he doesn't have anything to prove.
I really wonder about Ron Paul , he has to know he can't get the nomination so why doesn't he just stop? From what I read he thinks he is the only man in the race that could be a winner.
The goat woman called and said the goats were doing well.


Sister--Three said...

you know in the race...nothing seems to make sense. I sure think the media hypes it all up for a story. Now they are saying Huckabee may jump in again...he would have been better than any of them.

Donna said...

Ron Paul is just out there spreading his message. He knows he doesn't have a chance.