Saturday, February 25, 2012

selling chickens

The silkie standing at the open gate is a rooster and the only silkie rooster I have I think.
When Sam

bought these silkies he bought 2 crates and one crate was all rooster, he has sold them back to the sale and the other 11 silkies were pullets except for the one rooster. Sammy says they can't tell the roosters from the hens in the silkies at the sale. I took me a while but I can pick out the roosters from the hens now. I might have to go over to the sale and tell them when they have roosters or hens.
At first I couldn't tell them apart but I knew if I watched them long enough I would be able to tell the hen from the rooster and I can now.

Sammy sold his leghorn hens so we are not getting as many big eggs . My Rhode Island Red hens are still pullets and only 3 of them are laying. They will all be laying soon since it is the time of the year when all the chickens start laying.
I caught a rooster out of Sammy's chicken pen . He was a bigger rooster and I saw him on one of the little bantam hens the other day. he had her mashed into the ground and I thought I am going to get rid of you so I caught him and two of the top knot chickens SAM has in his bantam pen and told him to take them to the sale. Perhaps the rooster will bring more if he is sold with the 2 hens.

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Sister--Three said...

I am getting more eggs. Siggie stayed all night. Family went on a trip and she prefers to stay home. We let the chickens out! She out there with them.