Monday, February 13, 2012


Not much snow now but the temperature is 28 degrees so we could see more.
I thought it was suppose to be a lot colder.
I suppose Fleta went to work.
I am sure Kelly did if it was his day but seems like Monday is one of his days off.


Donna said...

We have about an inch of snow, and the schools took a snow day. I guess they figured it's such a mild winter, they'd better go ahead and make the kids happy.

The 4th Sister said...

I can see it was taken from the porch and no chickens out in the mess...glad they have a good pen...Patsy when I get to where I can't go or do I will have nothing left worth living for. If I have ti stay home and I am not able to do anything for anyone I will not have any usefulness left in me might as well go and do for as long as I can.

Sister--Three said...

We took a snow day. Snowing hard now.