Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The world according to the repubs..

There some repubs who want all food stamp recipients to bake their own cookies.Others want them all drugged tested . So what is the message here, all poor people are druggies and sweet eaters. You know Romney said he didn't worry about the poor!Then there is Clint Eastwood...Clint Eastwood, the star of the Super Bowl's most controversial TV ad, has denied the Chrysler spot was a booster for President Obama's re-election campaign. The ad, which declares 'it's halftime in America,' has received mounting criticism from Republicans, who say it was a thinly-veiled nod to President Obama, who bailed out the auto industry during the recession. Then repub congressman , John Fleming was outraged by a story on The Onion, ..Rep John Fleming, or someone on his staff, posted the link to a story from the fake newspaper on his Facebook page saying, 'Planned Parenthood, abortion by the wholesale.'never mind the "ONION " is a fake newspaper!Last but not least if you are a teenager in a conservative state you are more apt to get with child ...Sex education is failing to reduce adolescent birthrates in conservative states, according to a new study. Remember Nancy Regan said just say NO!

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