Tuesday, March 27, 2012

and you think you have troubles

Oswald’s tombstone was stolen by teenage pranksters four years after his death in 1963.
Authorities later returned it to Oswald's mother Marguerite but, afraid it would be stolen again, she didn't return it to his grave.

Instead she hid it in the crawl space of her Fort Worth home.
After her death in 1981 the house was bought by the Card family and four years later the tombstone was found by an electrician rooting around in the crawl space.
Realising what it was and fearful someone might steal it, the family moved the stone to the home of Mrs Card's sister, who later sent it to her son, Johnny Ragan.
When he died in 2008 the tombstone was left in the hands of Ragan’s wife, Holly.

Card’s son, David, is threatening legal action to reclaim the stone. He said: ’They screwed us out of it and I want it back.’
But 64-year-old Lensing maintains that Johnny Ragan's will left it in his wife's possession, thus rendering Card's claim redundant.
Lensing, who opened his museum in 2001, began exhibiting the tombstone in May, which is when Card's brother saw it featured online.

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