Friday, March 16, 2012

friday morning

Another warm morning. Sammy's red rooster was dead in the hen house this morning. He seemed fine yesterday but I rolled him around looking for wounds and couldn't see any so i guess he just died.
That means SAM will have to buy another rooster if he wants to sell setting eggs.
The silkie rooster will like the fact he is gone.
I was going to go buy a deep freeze but I am not able so maybe Sam will go by him self if not it will have to wait.
I had 3 tires down where I want the dirt spread and the neighbor boy moved them yesterday. so I am ready for the dirt man to come.
&9 degrees for a high according to those in the know and 59 for a low. unbelievable weather for march 16.I bought a few onions yesterday at walmart to set out. The hardware where I usually buy them in the bulk is closed and I was afraid Powell might not have them. I got red, white and yellow in packages for 1.58 each sort of high but better than not having any.

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