Friday, March 30, 2012

happy birthday ,siggy!

Everything is quite on the hill this morning no barking dogs and no MOTORBIKES being rived up. I guess he is so sore he can't get out of the house today.
went to feed and found 7 eggs. I guess Sam gathered the eggs early yesterday.
I pulled weeds for the chickens and they were delighted.
The sun is shinning again and this is the next to last day this month so March is going, going, gone!
The guy who killed the black kid in Florida is in a lot of trouble. They keep yelling for his blood.
No gardening to do today. Fleta said she was going to plant cucumbers and squash now. I said it was to early and she argued with me. I maintained that the seeds would rot before they came up and then I realized she would probably buy plants so if they don't get frost bite they will grow eventually.
Fleta, Betty Clayton and meself have our gardens out. Helen it is time for you to make garden.


Sister--Three said...

Siggie had a great day! She got a bird house, wind chime, treats for dog...she is really not a typical little girl, but a very special one.

Danny's girl was so young!

My potatoes are up. I may wait a little longer on the squash and such.

Sister--Three said...

I guess you can see today I am not at school. I am resting my knee.

Lord said he would not put on us more than we can bear...but we have to call his name for help. Poor child that can not go on...

I planted 4 oclocks in one of my flower beds! I think they are coming up. I planted zinnies too and I don't think they are up. Those zinnea seeds were so little. The 4 oclocks were nice size seed. I recall Mom planted 4 oclocks so I thought they would be easy to grow.

I saw 3 or 4 tomatoes that came up volunteer when I howed my potatoes. I howed around them and will try to transplant them later.