Wednesday, March 21, 2012

house at Carrollton

The house we lived in at carrolLton. Great grandfather Richard Powell lived in this house before they went to Oklahoma.
Mama took Richard and went down there one day and took this photo. I wasn't present that day. I was in school.
I remember living there.Daddy had cattle and horses. One horse was named John and another was Maud. John was hard to catch and some times daddy had to chase him all over the country side. He would come to a fence and jump over and keep going.
He had a team of mules at one time while we lived there I remember being in the lane when daddy turned them loose one day and here they come running down the lane. Daddy shouted crawl under the fence and I did and was not trampled under their hooves.
When we went to the store at carrollton owned by Hugh Morris we walked.
I remember mama buying us a candy bar and dividing in between me and Richard.
Daddy bought a car and I really was happy about that then he sold it and almost broke my heart. I think he sold it because he was going into the navy.
Grandpa Powell had a car but for the life of me during those years in Denver I don't remember grandpa Gaddy having a car during those years. I take that back I remember riding to take Helen and beans Garrison to cricket to get on the train . I don't remember seeing a car parked around the store or the house at Denver so maybe he borrowed a car that time.

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Sister--Three said...

Another wonderful adventure to read about...

Erin and Greg are trying to buy 40 acres at Carrollton and plan to build a house there if they get the land.

It is very near old Carrollton, but don't know exactly where.