Monday, March 05, 2012

Kin folk

Betty,s youngest granddaughter is about the cutes child I've ever seen.
Look at clayton, he is almost as tall as siggy and if I remember right he is only 3 years old?
Betty surly has cute grand children.
Betty where is this photo taken, is that Laura's back porch.
The tractor doesn't look like Larrys.


Sunshine said...

It is a Mom and Daddy's last weekend. Not only is Clayton tall, he has a big foot. He is just one shoe size behind Siggie and she will be 7 years old then end of this Month and Clayton won't be 4 til summer.

Anonymous said...

Larry added on to the garage at this old house. He has about 6 tractors and is always looking for a new one or two. My grandchildren are all great kids. Siggie was in a play. Pop went to see her something about Dr. Seuss. She is not afraid to get in front of a crowd...but also she does not have to be 'like' everyone else. She is her own person at 6. Clayton follows after her and they have a great time.