Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old photo of Powell cousins

I am posting this for Virginia in case she hasn't seen it.
starting on the left hand side Winnie Jo, Patsy holding Virginia lea who is trying to make a get away ,Richard ,Donnie and Frankie. grandpa Powell with his back to the camera over by the tree.
grandma Powell on the porch having lost her head and aunt Betty in the white dress. I can't see who else.
It is strange how our memory serves us.
I remember aunt Thelma taking the picture and calling out "hold her pat."so I grabbed Virginia's foot but I am not absolute that it is Virginia it maybe Tommy Lou. I have written Virginia in 2006 and I think my memory was better then.
another warm day in the Ozarks.
Sammy is mowing the yard above the trailer between us and the neighbors.
Fleta is going to Louisiana next week to see the son, George is going with her.
Tony has his daughter here with her husband and the BABY. His wife and Tony went to Branson to buy Baby some cloths.
I am going to go buy more onion sets, lettuce, radishes and turnip seed tomorrow since Tony said Powell had all the seeds that the Bonams hardware used to carry. I get enough seeds to furnish any child of mine that comes by and will promise to plant .
I just might buy a few seed potatoes to plant since I will have all that loose dirt to plant them in. New home grown potatoes would taste really good.


Sister--Three said...

Beautiful day here.

Take a picture of the dirt...I bet it is nice.

Got 11 eggs today. Erin and Greg came and I gave them a dozen.

Winnie said...

I think that must be Tommie Lou since I see Frankie and myself...we all three are the same age. Virginia Lee was younger than the three of us