Sunday, March 25, 2012

sunday, 26 eggs today

Sammy is going to mow Tony's yard. Tony's hired him to do his mowing in the yard. I am sure Tony just did it to give Sammy something to do . Tony thinks Sammy should move around more than he does.
We Had a dead red hen this morning Sammy has brought in some kind of diease and it kills some of the hens. others just get puny and finally get over it. It works like they have a cold and they have trouble breathing. I think he has it in the flock and every time he brings in new chickens they are exposed and he will lose a hen or two over time from this diease what ever it is.
26 eggs yesterday. Sammy went to the sale and didn't gather the eggs and I went to feed and there were 26 eggs some may have been laid this morning. Sammy isn't a very good chicken farmer.
I have been reading and I think the chickens have Mycoplasmas.


Sister--Three said...

I have one sick hen...I keep wishing she would hurry up and die. Yesterday I thought of helping her along with a chopping ax.

The 4th Sister said...

Pat we will all be reading your old stories longafter you are gone

Sister--Three said...

And enjoying those stories again.
Daddy said you raised tomatoes as a money you remember that.