Saturday, March 03, 2012

Saul or Paul

When I think about the apostle Paul I get very emotional I see him as a little man rushing around the world preaching the gospel to the gentiles of which I am.
Traditionally Paul grew up as a Diaspora Jew. That is from a Jewish family, [with a] very traditional Jewish upbringing but living not in the homeland but rather in Tarsus, a city in Eastern Turkey.
As a lad Saul was trained in making tents as well as studying the Jewish law.I see Paul as always in a hurry to go to a new place to preach the gospel of Jesus the Christ.
After the blow up with Peter at Antioch, Paul left and went to Western Turkey or Asia Minor and Greece, and that would be the new center of his missionary activity for the next ten years of his life. The dates are hard to decipher here in precise detail but if we think of the Jerusalem conference in about the year 48 by the year 49 or 50, we know that Paul is up in Northern Greece, Macedonia, in the cities of Phillipi and Thessalonica. By the year 50 he arrives in Corinth and it's at that juncture that we think of him then beginning to preach this message of Jesus Christ.... For the next ten years... from 50 to roughly 60, Paul will concentrate all of his efforts in this region of the Aegean basin. That is the region bounded by the Eastern coast of Greece and the Western coast of Turkey and the island in-between. That will be his mission center for the next ten years.
Paul writes letters to the churches he has founded and these letters are the beginning of the New testament.
Paul speaks of his thorn in the flesh, this was an aliment which Paul ask God 3 times to take from him and he says God told him my grace is sufficient for you. The aliment what ever it was was not removed some feel that it was poor eyesight and others think it was eplisey. I don't know what it was because Paul choose not to tell us what it was.
Nero put Paul to dead in 66 or 67 Ad. His work on this earth was finished and he went to be with the Lord.

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Sister--Three said...

I have always thought the lesson in Paul's thorn was after a while we need to quit bothering God about our problems he sees fit not to ease and just move ahead.

I enjoy the commentary that belonged to Grandpa Robert M. Powell and often read what his book says when I am studying a text. I have a Matthew Henry Commentary too and I enjoy it.