Thursday, March 08, 2012


more Easter Lillis.
It is raining here. not cold but cooling off.
the gas man came by yesterday and filled the tank.
Last august Janet went and paid for the winters gas. She put down 900 dollars and the last 300 went into the tank yesterday. I went with her that day and it had been 6 months. It was next to the last time I went any where with her.
Sammy had to go out and tend to the man cause I just broke down and cried .
some days I get to thinking about her and can't think about any thing else all day.

Spring is just around the corner. I am glad. We haven't had winter but that is OK.


The 4th Sister said...

oh dear sister it is almost unbearable

Anonymous said...

I am glad she continues to care for you.

I am thinking I will not fill the tank again! It is almost spring. I have about 20 per cent left in the tank. I have one of those amish heaters...maybe I can make it.

I am getting my central heat pump put in I think for next winder. Esp. if I retire I would like to have central heat again.