Friday, March 09, 2012


what a monster this is, found it on net, said insect in the Dew
I got an email from Virginia said she appreciated Fleta's tip about husband digging holes in the yard also said she wanted Winnie's email or phone no. I lost it when I got my new computer cause it was on the old one.
I will get it from Fleta or Helen and forward it to Virginia. If Winnie would send me an email with her information I could forward it to Virginia.
The sun is out so perhaps will will have another spring day. Our trees are putting out leaves the wild cherry trees and some ot the others. This is really early for that.
Time is changing this sunday, that is early, right?


Anonymous said...

Fleta and I will have to get goin' early MOnday!

Have a good day, Sister.

Winnie said...

I'm sorr...I didn't knoow you had lost my email you are having a great daaaaay!