Monday, March 19, 2012

up early

I am up early and the reason is I was having night mares and leg pain. I was glad to wake up and realize I was only dreaming.
Today I will try to go to town if my wound holds off with the flood.
Betty has the cutes video of Larry riding the granddaughter on the tractor. Now we know why Larry has so many tractors.


Sister--Three said...

Patsy, I bought 4 oclocks...can I just plant them in my flower garden down. I had larry haul dirt up there and I am putting potting soil on top. I also bought zinnies...the back shows it is time to plant them here. what do you think?

patsy said...

should be ok.

Sister--Three said...

Going to funeral today of Bonnie Walker. She lived at Pea Ridge.

Funeral will be up in the Mts.

Larry needs a tractor for each grandkid?

The 4th Sister said...

The pain pills are making your dreams worse

Sister--Three said...

Sounds like Helen speaks from experience.