Friday, March 02, 2012

warm spring like weather

I feed and watered the hens. the bantams were out of water. SAM is out there a lot during the day. he just doesn't pay attention to the chickens and their needs.
I gathered the eggs and got 18 eggs, 4 brown eggs from my hens and the rest were bantam eggs.
I don't know if SAM gathered eggs early yesterday or what but I gathered them the day before I know so I think the bantams have finally decided to lay eggs.
I feed the guineas on top of the chicken pen because the dogs chase them when they are on the ground and they couldn't get any food with out risking their lives.
Today is windy but warm. everyone is have storms. I guess Branson got hit out on the strip. I think only tourist were there at the time the big blow hit in the early morning hours. I saw windows were blown out of a big hotel. I guess something must have hit the side of the hotel because the windows were missing in only one area.
One couple was in a hotel and their travel van was parked in the hotel parking lot. The owner said that the windows were blown out and all their clothing was wet. She also said some things were stolen. They had planed on going to Arizona but were on their way home in Wisconsin because of the trouble.


Anonymous said...

Larry was wanting guineas and asked me if they were get on the cars, etc. I told him I was afraid they would. What do you think?

patsy said...

yes, yes , yes.