Saturday, April 07, 2012

baby chicks

Sammy has 36 baby chickens he bought at the sale at Huntiville. They are Rhode Island Reds, Black Australorp and Welsummers. he has 10 straight run welsummers . They are the chicken that lay the dark eggs. The chicks he buys at the sale are all straight
These are my neighbors big dogs that one on the chain is mean and I have swore some day to send it on it's way. It is a Rottweiler .


Lori said...

I can remember my Mom buying baby chicks in the spring, and we would keep them in a box beside the wood stove until it was warm enough outside and they were big enough to go outside.

Donna said...

If you want to make a dog mean, just put it on a chain all the time.

Sister--Three said...

I am sorry that dog is in your neighborhood. A guy out here had one like it. He kept her in the house but when he let her out she went everywhere. She was very mean. Someone shot her.