Thursday, April 19, 2012


17 eggs yesterday. the chickens are enjoying the greenery I pulled for them. The young fowl are the chicks that SAM bought at the sale. We have 50 chicks coming on the 3rd of May my birthday present. Sammy will take care of them when I don't feel like doing the job and i will claim the ones i want. I ordered 15 straight run black polish with a white head. 15 golden comet pullets. 10 austra whites pullets, this is a cross between a white leghorn and a black australope and 10 Maran pullets. they lay the real dark brown egg. I bought the black polish because sam said when they are in the sale they bring high dollar. I wouldn't want to keep any of them because they are a flighty bird.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were out of chickens but I was wrong.

Can't wait to see these new birds you are getting.

Lori said...

We were just discussing wishing we lived where we could raise chickens the other day. My mom always raised them when I was growing up. I didn't care much about the butchering time, but loved the fresh eggs and the fried chicken!