Saturday, April 28, 2012


I counted 8 welsummers in sam's chick pen this morning and I saw 2 roosters . here is one with a pullet. The chick with the red breast is a pullet. the rooster looks like his feathers are ruffled .Maybe he is one of thoes chickens I see on the net with their feathers all ruffled up. He has 10 red chickens with some white specks. He said they were suppose to be a Rhode Island red crossed with a leghorn but I am begining to think they are speckled sussex.
I watered the garden again this morning , I have lettuce trying to come up so I watered it. It isn't coming up like it is suppose to. As Fleta said no rain but I enjoy watering the garden because for so many years I lived where we had to haul water so I like to turn it on and watch it run down the hill. Sally Rundall lives down the hill from me and some day I may wash her down the creek. Sam is off to the sale he has a pick up load and is pulling a trailer . He spends all week gathering stuff up to sell. This week he went to Barbara Powell's and gathered all the stuff she could not sell and is taking it to the sale. He got some wire cut into 5foot by 6foot pieces, about 40 of them. Tony said years ago Tyson made the chickens growers put the wire in front of the fans that were in the chicken houses. Richard put them on as he was told to do and then all sorts of stuff got stuck in the wire and the chickens were not getting any benefit from the fans. Richard took them all off! The field man came out and jumped Richard about them and said they wanted the fans covered to keep people from getting into the fans. Richard said if you stay out of my chicken house you wont get in the fans and refused to put them back on. No doubt some guy setting behind a desk dreamed that idea up and probably had never been in a chicken house of course he had never meet Richard Powell either.

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Sister--Three said...

Shut off the air to a fan? How smart! I got one of those dyson fans without is cool. I will take a picture and show you all, well, that may be 4 weeks from now!