Saturday, April 21, 2012


It is 37 degrees here this morning, I wonder if people living in the low lands got frost this morning? The big dog that lives next door keeping digging up my garden. He has dug up some of my tomato plant I planted 2 days ago. It is very discouraging to work at something and then have it destroyed by the neighbors dogs. I am going to look for my dog chain and if I find it I am going to tie him up. Let them come and ask me why?


Donna said...

I've been running my barn cat out of the garden; she has decided it's a litter box. Once the plants are bigger it won't matter, but I don't like her digging up the corn seeds.

Sister--Three said...

If we were closer Larry Renfroe would have a personal chat with him.

Lori said...

I believe I'd have to say something to the neighbors, but I like your idea of tying the dog up!